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iCarsoft i906 Diagnostic Reviews Volvo & SAAB

Customers who have bought the iCarsoft i906 Renault Multi System Scanner have submitted reviews for the product which you can read here. If you've also bought one you can submit your review by emailing us.

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Shaun Chipchase, Barnsley, UK

hi people ,my scanner has arrived..i very pleased with it  as it extinguished my srs light within 5 mins of getting it out of the box. I can take it for it's MOT now.

Mick Quick, Nottingham, UK

Well built & sturdy tool. Menu is easy to follow and start diagnosing a particular module or system. In my case i needed to find out why the engine warning light was illuminated in my Volvo V50. It was a problem with the throttle pedal sensor which i changed over and then reset the codes & engine warning light. Good tool, price was about right, and will pay for itself in one swoop after diagnosing a problem that the garage would have charged double to fix. Happy customer.

Trevor Hirst, Peterborough, UK

Airbag light was showing up on the dashboard of my Saab. I used the i906 kit to diagnose the fault and it found it straight away. I did try to reset it, but it just came straight back on. After a bit of reading up, and help from the guys here, i realised that it will not turn off and stay off unless the fault is actually fixed. I replaced the occupancy sensor and then tried again. SUCCESS. The light stayed out. Very impressed with the kit, very easy to use for a novice like me. Quick delivery aswell. Many thanks.

Owen Moore, Boston, UK

Excellent Excelent Excellent. Can you tell i am happy with the kit? Quick delivery and the ABS lights are no more on my dash. Diagnosed a few systems already and it's amazing what the scanner will find that you never even knew about. I have also upated the tool which was straight forward, and comes in a nice box and handy carry pouch. Oh, my car is a Volvo S80.

Harv Phillips, Leicester, UK

I had a little trouble with the update, but sorted eventually. Took 4 days to arrive - although it was sent same day (ROYAL FAIL) other than a few niggles though it worked well and works as it says on the tin.

Tom Bradbury, Dover, UK

My Volvo was running lumpy and sounded like it was not running on all 4 cylinders. I was unsure about weather to let the professionals sort it out or give it a try myself. I'm retired so i thought it would be a project for me so i got the i906 iCarsoft tool to diagnose the problems. My S60 needed 2 new ignitions coils & a MAF. After buying these also online from Dominator Auto i fitted them in around 2 hours. Then started the car and was running fine but the warning lights did not go out, i reset the fault codes (erased them) and the lights went out. In summary i'm impressed with the tool, and i'm sure it will serve me well in future. Many thanks for your help & assistance.

Karen Hunt, Walsall, UK

Nice tool, wanted a kit that would work on a few different modules not just the engine and the i906 delivers this. I also like the live data function which shows some pretty interesting information. Thank you.