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BMW 3 Series E90 airbag light reset with iCarsoft i910

If your asking yourself, will the i910 by iCarsoft reset the airbag warning light on my BMW 3 series E90, E91, E92 or E93 then the answer is yes. We have actually done it ourselves and below is the video to show this.

The airbag light can illuminate for a lot of reasons, and the most common are when dealing with/replacing or repairing door cards, seats & steering wheel because generally you will need to unplug the airbag. You can avoid the airbag light illuminating when you unplug it by disconnecting the battery before you start any work.

In a scenario where you do not disconnect the battery, but have disconnected an airbag connection - the airbag light will illuminate when you next turn on the ignition. Simply reconnecting everything back together will not turn off the airbag light, you will now need a scan tool to do just that.

Not all scan tools have airbag capability built into them, but the i910 from iCarsoft does. Watch the video below to show the i910 resetting the airbag light. It works on a lot of BMW models on the road today.