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DDPS - Drunk Driver Prevention System & Volvo

DDPS stands for Drunk Driver Prevention System. It has been adopted by Auto manufacturer Volvo and will be found in all of their cars rolling off the production line from the year 2017.

In a nutshell, the DDPS will automatically activate when the ignition is turned on and will automatically detect the level of alcohol in the driver when the hands are placed on the steering wheel.

The system will contail sensors in the steering wheel and in the sun visor which will look for levels of alcohol in the breath of the driver, and will also be able to sense alcohol in from the drivers hands when placed upon the steering wheel.

If a level of alcohol has been detected in the drivers breath which is over the legal limit for that state, area or country the engine will either cut out if the engine has not been started, or will allow you to pull over while the vehicle is in limp mode.

The creator of the DDPS system is Auto diagnostic technician Alistair Satchell who was delighted by the news that Volvo wanted to take this forward, he said 'this is fantastic news that Volvo want to be involved with this project, Volvo have always been at the forefront of vehicle safety so it is really pleasing that they have taken this on board. I will not stop with this project until other vehicle manufacturers have also agreed to use the technology that is available to them.

He went onto say, 'we're also in discussion with BMW, Mercedes, VAG group and Ford, however these discussions are further behind the Volvo deal, so realistically we would be looking at roll out dates for these vehicles in 2019.'

Alistair was inspired to make this system a reality after seeing so many alcohol related motoring deaths on the road which is particularly highlighted at christmas time, although in reality this happens all to often all year round.