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i930 iCarsoft Reviews

Customers who have bought the Land Rover & Jaguar i930 iCarsoft Multi System Scanner have submitted reviews for the product which you can read here. If you've also bought one you can submit your review by emailing us.

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Steve List, Tampere, Finland

I received the device yesterday. It was beautifully packaged, almost a shame to unwrap it.
Anyway, within 10 minutes I had read and cleared my fault codes and then spent the next half hour going through all the diagnostics, watching the live data as it was displayed.

Basically I am very satisfied with the device and your service. Many thanks from a happy customer.

Roger Mills, Bedford, UK

Make sure you watch the video for the vehicle coverage, because it might cover lots of systems on one vehicle, and only some on another. Happily it covers all the modules i need it to on my Freelander. Plugged it into the diagnostic port and was able to read & clear fault codes, and also know that i need a replacement MAF. Good kit happy i bought it.

Ian Welsh, Portsmouth, UK

Fantastic tool. I will be recommending this kit on the Land Rover forum. Previously the diagnostics available to us with this level of coverage have been over £250, but im sure other Land Rover owners will be happ to see this kit. Plus it just works and does what it says on the tin. Happy Happy Happy!!!

Peter Gould, Falkirk

Thanks guys the kit has cleared my Land Rover SRS airbag light in a matter of 30 seconds. Would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody else. A+++++++

Marie Weston, Huddersfield, UK

Hubby is happy with his birthday gift. Another tool for his garage to keep him out of my sight. HA. Thank you for quick delivery even though i ordered last minute.

Les Crouch, Carlisle, UK

Been told i need to wait for an update as it does not cover the airbag on my vehicle. Other than that though its pretty near and works on all other modules. So thank you, i am happy to wait for the update because it is only used offroad and no MOT needed for it.