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Aston Martin Vantage Diagnostic Port Location Picture

Aston Martin Vantage diagnostic port or OBD2 port is shown in the picture below. The diagnostic port is used for diagnosing faults and communicating with the vehicle. Common problems with the Aston Martin Vantage which need to be diagnosed are ABS lights, SRS airbag lights or engine faults and EML or MIL lights. Use the diagnostic port as shown below with a code reader to find the faults.
Under the footwell you will see 2 ports side by side. In some years the ports are under the drivers side, and other years they are under the passenger side. One port is for the engine module, and the other port is for the body which includes things like abs, airbags, park assist etc.
Aston Martin vantage OBD2 Diagnostic Port Location
If you have a dashboard warning light or symbol lamp that your not quite sure about - visit who have an in depth dash warning light guide for every Aston Martin on the road. The guide will generally tell you under what circumstance the light would illuminate, and what steps you can take to reomve the warning light from the dashboard.