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i910 iCarsoft Reviews

Customers who have bought the BMW & Mini i910 iCarsoft Multi System Scanner have submitted reviews for the product which you can read here. If you've also bought one you can submit your review by emailing us.

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Martin Smith, Runcorn, UK

The i910 arrived the next day, i mainly needed it because the engine management light was on in my E90. Turns out i needed a new VVT motor, but i read that these always need to be replaced. The tool is good and will definately last for me to diagnose other faults if they arise. I am very happy with the kit. Thank you.

James Rodgers, Stoke, UK

Quick delivery. I used it on my E46 & E39 to diagnose an ABS fault on the E46 and an airbag & engine management light on the E39. The tool covered all modules that i needed it to, plus loads of other parts of the vehicle that i have no idea what or where they are, but seems pretty comprehensive. I also wanted a tool that would do the service light resets, i assumed this tool would do that, but it didnt. My fault i guess for just assuming, still a decent tool though.

Louise Carlton, Hull, UK

Arrived quickly. My BMW 3 series was not running properly and the engine light was on, i hooked this upto the port and it told me that there was a misfire in cylinder 3. I did a bit of searching online and found that the most likely cause was an ignition coil which needed to be replaced. The new part was only £20 and my dad fitted it for me in about 1 hour. So the car is running again which is great, also it let me erase the fault so the engine light went out on the dashboard.

Christian Wright, Boston, USA

Took 6 days to get to me in the USA which is good for standard mail. i have a BMW 750 E38 7 series with a running issue and airbag light. The tool told me the BMW trouble codes, and also gave a short description of where the problem is which makes it very easy to use it. My bro also has a bimmer so i am going to search for codes on his ride aswell. Thanks UK PRO!

Simon Olsen, London, UK

I bought this for my Mini which has an ABS problem. The tool told me that there is a fault with the rear left ABS sensor which i replaced and now the lights have gone from the dashboard, and it let you clear the fault codes from the memory. I tried to use a different scanner before this but it would not connect to the ABS system, but it was a scanner designed for engine module only. I will definately use UK Pro Diagnostics again because of the great service i got and will recommend. A+++++++

Harry Yardley, Portsmouth, UK

I'm only giving this a 4 star because it said delivery in 1-2 days, it arrived after 4 days when i needed it for my MOT. To be fair though, they did send it out the same day, just probably held up in the Royal Mail system. When i used it though it cleared the engine light and fault codes very easily.

Jeremi Cabella, Nice, France

I rate the tool good and it will help with the maintain of my BMW which i love. I want to be able to fix any problem without garage help and so far this will work whenever i needed it to.

Ronny Welsh, Aberdeen, UK

Not one for words, but this is an excellent tool. Nuff said. Thumbs up.