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iCarsoft CR Plus Reviews

Customers who have bought the iCarsoft CR Plus Multi System Scanner have submitted reviews for the product which you can read here. If you've also bought one you can submit your review by emailing us.

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Paul Reames, Malpas, UK

Firstly I would like to thank Alistair for his help and willingness to accommodate my short notice changes to my order. The product arrived next day as promised. Fault diagnostic carried out easily and found the fault immediately. This was used on an W211 E280 CDI Sport 2008. The fault was a brake pedal switch that knocked out my ESP + Tyre monitoring + Cruise control + Hold when at lights. It took 10 mins to replace so job well done.
A plus side with this over the car specific version is it has paid for its self already and we have three different cars in the family so the next job is free! Plus parts of course!
Five stars fro customer service and five for the product. Thanks you guys! Brilliant! 

Sandy Pope, Winchester, UK

So far i have used my CR Plus on a BMW 3 series, a Mazda 323 & a Vauxhall Insignia, it works on all of them and have succesfully read & reset fault codes, and also turned off warning lights for ABS & Airbags. The one drawback though, was that when i diagnosed the Vauxhall Insignia it gave me the fault code, but there was no description. It was not a problem at all because i just typed the code into google and found a whole lot of info about this fault. So it actually worked out better, but just though i would point it out. I did contact them and they said that it would be fixed soon with an update to the software on the machine. I'm a mobile mechanic so i need a kit that works on lots of different cars. This is good for probably around half the price of the top Autel unit. Thank you guys.

Michael Preston, Leeds, UK
So i received my CR PLUS within 48 hours of making my order. 1st job was to reset the pesky engine warning light on my BMW 5 series. The fault was because of an ignition coil, and once i changed it over it started to run very well again, and then reset the light 1st time. My wife has a VW Polo, and my daughter has a Vauxhall Adam, so it is good to know that this kit will cover these cars for future use. Just ask dad. Thank you.

Kevin Pulis, Shrewsbury, UK

Received stupidly fast, the people at UK Pro Diagnostics kindly recommended this kit to me because i tend to work on a lot of modern cars and always need to switch off warning lights, and erase trouble codes etc. Ive used it about 5 or 6 times today so far, very impressed and it is good at what is is made for. I would say if your looking for a well built code reader & reset tool for the main 4 systems (abs, transmission, airbags, engine) then this kit is good for you. If you are looking for an advanced kit for programming, coding, actuation, adaption etc, then this is probably not the kit for you - but that is not what it is made for. Hope this helped you in making your decision for a diagnostic tool from these guys. A++++

Martin Hinchcliffe, London, UK
I have a Land Rover which i needed to sell, but before i sold it i needed to turn off the engine fault light (who wants to buy a land rover with a engine light showing) anyways i got the light reset with this kit, and sold the car. My new car is an Audi A6 and this kit also performs really well on it, i have not updated the tool yet as it is still pretty new, and don't see the point just yet, but i am confident it will also work well on my future cars and looking forward to trying it on family members cars.

Ronald Wark, Glasgow, UK
Ordered it, received it, used it, it worked, happy with it, keep it in boot of car, have a nice night. Bye.

Dave Chester, Ipswich, UK

Just a quick message to say i received the cr plus from you lot and it has worked a charm, i have only so far used it on my VW Passat, and the abs messages that were annoying me for ages have now been cleared. it turned out the ABS MODULE was faulty so got a replacement, cleared the codes and now all is good in the world of motoring. Cheers.