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iCarsoft VAG II Reviews

Customers who have bought the iCarsoft VAG II Multi System Scanner have submitted reviews for the product which you can read here. If you've also bought one you can submit your review by emailing us.

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Matthew Chislehurst, Milton Keynes, UK

The VAG II kit to me is pretty damn good. I come from a family where we all drive either VW or Audi, so having a diagnostic kit that works on both of thes manufacturers is great. The VW Polo that i own is a great little city car but recently has not been giving me much power and the engine light comes on and off intermittantly. The VAG II diagnosed a problem straight away with cylinder 3 misfire. I swapped the ignition coil with cylinder 2, and then the VAG II told me it was a fault in cylinder 2, so it was obvious that the ignition coil was faulty. I replaced this (a £40 part) and the car now runs smooth again, and i have reset the engine light with the diagnostic kit. My wife has the Audi A3 which (touch wood) has not yet had any problems, but i have had a quick scan and seems to connect to the main modules (abs, airbags & engine) really well, it's just that there are currently no fault codes - which is good i guess. Highly rated & recommended.

Linda Mcevoy, Aberdeen, UK

I run a small taxi firm and most of the cars are VW, instead of having to get the cars fixed at the garage every time, sometimes it is something that can be done in house and that is why i bought the VAG II. It has found faults on a few cars we have, and reset a couple of check engine lights, normally the diagnostic check alone is £50 from the garage, so i've already saved money by buying this tool.

Ian Tomlinson, Taunton, UK

I have bought this for my son as a birthday gift yet. It came really quickly, and although it has not yet been used, i have high hopes my sone can use it as he loves pottering on with his VW Golf.

Pierre Baidon, Cleremont-Ferrand, France

This kit will do good for me as it can reset the airbag light for me on our Seat Ibiza. It can also do good for to reset the oil service inspection light as it needed to be reset at a previous time for me. So i hope this reaches you to say that the tool is worth it. It is a review from me to you and yoyur custom.